Prof. Sain guest edits SN Applied Sciences special issus on:Interdisciplinary: Biomass and Biocomposites. Papers accepted for the issue cover topics such as: Composites limited to agricultural biomass/natural fibres; Characterization of the agricultural biomass, natural fibres, biopolymers; Biocomposite materials; Fabrication of Biocomposites from biomass and natural fibres, and its characterization; Applications of Biomass and Biocomposites; Utilization of biomass in polymer composites; Wood, and Wood based materials; Polymer synthesis, and processing from biomass and its characterization; Chemistry and biology of Biomass and Biocomposites; Modelling of natural fibres, and Biocomposites.

Link to the full issue can be found HERE


Prof. Sain Invited Editor For SN Applied Science Special Issues On Biomass and Biocomposites