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Autoline | Prof. Sain Interview Speaks On Canada’s Role In The Future Of Sustainable Auto Manufacturing

DETROIT – The auto industry is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint. Dr. Mohini Sain, U Toronto and Dr. Hamdy Khalil, Woodbridge Group, speak about their team’s efforts toward manufacturing more automotive components from biomaterials. These are materials made from plants and vegetation, not from petroleum. And they’ve reached a level of sophistication and development where they are lighter, cheaper and offer better performance. This segment of Autoline is produced in partnership with the Consulate General of Canada in Detroit, Michigan, aims to showcase the work of Prof. Sain and the effort of his companies and industry collaborators to lead the world’s light-weighting sector using bioderived materials and composites.


PDF Position Now Open In Sustainable Materials Additive Manufacturing

Interested in gaining more experience working in an industrial research lab? The CBBP is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to develop innovative 3D printing applications for novel sustainable polymers and composites. The project will output both academic publications and practical technologies deployed by our industry partners.