A Continuous Reactor for Renewable Methanol

Researchers Athan Tountas, Prof. Geoffrey Ozin, and Prof. Mohini Sain have recently published their design for a continuous reactor for renewable methanol in Green Chemistry (DOI)


A renewable pathway to carbon net-neutral or net-negative feedstocks such as methanol is of utmost importance. Fossil free and aff ordable syngas routes to methanol is the focus of a version 1.0 tool for investigating prospective photochemical and thermochemical heterogeneous methanol synthesis catalysts via catalytic reactor transformation. We here present thermochemical benchmarking data with a CZA catalyst. These unit operational conditions allow for more efficient CO2 utilization by improving low-temperature methanol yield and reducing capital and operating costs of process equipment. This system can be expanded to
commercial operational conditions and scales. The authors wish to acknowledge Dr. Chenxi Qian for thegraphical art science image.

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