Biopolymer & Forest Pathology Lab

  • 2-D Electrophoreses Cell (Protean/IEF Cell)
  • MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer
  • EXQuest Spot Cutter
  • Janus Automated Liquid Handling System
  • Fermenter

Bio-Composite Processing

  • Lab Co-Rotation Twin Screw Extruder
  • Onyx IM-380 Injection Molding Machine
  • Co-Rotation Twin Screw Extruder Compounding and Sheet Line

Analytical and Testing Equipment

  • FTIR Spectrometer
  • Raman Spectrometer
  • Universal Tester
  • Contact Angle Measuring Instrument: OCA 15EC
  • Environmental Chamber
  • Capillary Rheometer
  • X-ray Micro-Computed 3D Tomograph


CBBP Services

Equipped with state-art processing equipment and analytical instruments, CBBP is actively working with researchers and industry partners in developing advanced bio-composite material, prototyping, and evaluating the performance of product. CBBP is ready and dedicated to assist all our collaboration partners.

Accessing CBBP Services and Facilities

If you would like to know more about CBBP’s capability or want to access to the CBBP facility and service, please contact:

Dr. Mallika Das, Manager
CBBP, Faculty of Forestry,
University of Toronto
33 Willcocks Street,
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3B3
Tel: 416-978-5665, Fax: 416-978-3834